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Here is the ranking of the best betting sites based on our personal opininon:

Where do you go to find the best betting sites online? That is one of the most popular questions which get put forward by newcomers to the world of online betting. It also gets asked by established online bettors, who wish to spread their wings and sign up with more than one online bookmaker.

The best advice which can be given to people who are looking where to go, really is to read as many independent and reputable reviews as you can. This will help immensely, as it will give you a thorough insight into how an online bookmakers performs with its sports book and features, as well as how it ranks against others for value in price and promotions. Because there are so many online bookmakers available, visiting each one in person and taking them for a test drive, could be a little long winded, and that is where the beauty of a bookmaker review guide would come in.

Top Betting Sites in the UK (in our experience)

By reading through an online bookmaker guide, you would be able to quickly narrow down the online bookmakers which come the most highly recommended of all. From a list of reviews which have rankings for different components of betting sites, preferably, you can then pick just a few which you think will suit you, and then head over to their websites to see for yourself. Getting a feel for a site yourself, is really one of the best tips of where to go to find the best betting sites. This is because bettors have different wants and needs, and while some may like the busy sites with a whole host of activity going on in terms of promotions, news and live bets, some like the pace of their online betting to be a little more sedate, and go for the betting sites which excel at functionality. It is important to test the functionality and operation of online sports betting sites for yourself, because the feel of navigating sports books does vary a lot. The last thing you want to get stuck with is a sports book which you feel frustrated trying to negotiate around to get to a market.

Read the latest news:

The best betting sites are generally the ones which are able to offer the most stable packages of all things good. Online betting and the technology behind the sites have really come on leaps and bounds, and one of the most notable areas is that of Live In Play betting. This is where punters can bet on live action as it happens, and is a great complement to fixed odds outright betting. For example, you can follow a live soccer match, and bet on which team you think will score the next goal. Again, different bookmakers run their live in play betting services in slightly different ways, some covering sports that others don´t, and presentation of the markets is an all important factor. This exploration of alternative markets, really is one of the things which makes online betting great, and the best betting sites will have individual markets covered very deeply, as well as providing features services which run quickly, even on slower internet connections. Features like Live In-Play betting really enhance online betting, when they are done well. Be diligent in your search, and remember, there is nothing wrong with signing up for more than one online bookmaker.

It is important to remember that most of the best betting sites, as they are known in UK betting circles, are at the top of their game because of experience in the market. The more established players really know how to take care of their clients by offering great customer service, as well as having a website which is finely tuned to the needs of the bettor. The best online betting sites will have a good feel about them in a way that a complete package is being delivered to your fingertips. Think of things like security of your account, customer service, promotions, value of bets, page loading times and ease of navigation when looking for your own best betting site. Take some time to find the ones that really suit you and that you actually enjoy visiting. There is a lot of fun to be had with online betting, if you have the right tools at your disposal.

Here is the ranking of the best betting sites (according to our opinion)

  1. Bet365 (best betting site)
  2. William Hill
  3. Paddy Power
  4. Sportingbet
  5. Betvictor
  6. Ladbrokes

If you are interested in sports betting, we recommend to register at these betting sites:
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Last Update :    1 September 2019
Top Online Betting Sites (in our experience)

5 stars rating
4.63 / 5
Based on our personal opinion, Bet365 is one of the best online betting sites for us. We experienced a great Customer Service (Live Chat, Call-Back Service,...), high odds, very good In-Play offer and a great offer. 18+
Online Betting Site Bet365
Betting site Bet365 Bet365
Betting site William Hill William Hill
Betting site Paddy Power Paddy Power
Betting site Sportingbet Sportingbet
Betting site Bwin Bwin
Betting site Ladbrokes Ladbrokes compares and tests continuously all big online betting sites in the UK and worldwide.   18+ BeGambleAware
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