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How many different bookmakers should I open an account with

How Many Bookmaker Accounts?

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This text is based on our personal experiences and represents our opinions.
While there is much competition between online bookmakers to attract new customers to their online betting services, it is important to remember that there is no need to limit yourself to just one of them. Why would you want, or need more than one online bookmaker with which to do your betting? Well, one of the primary reasons is to take advantage of welcome offers. Welcome offers are often the biggest bait that bookies dangle in front of potential customers to try and get their business. While these offers will be one time monetary rewards, usually coming in the form of a matched first deposit, or a matched first bet on a new account, it can be worth taking advantage of more than one, as long as you are actually happy with the online bookmaker that it is with, and that you have read the fine print of an offer to make sure that you can fulfil the requirements. It becomes less of an advantage if you sign up for more than one bookmaker and never intend to use any others except your favourite.

Bookmakers do vary in the services which they offer, sometimes it is not as noticeable as other times. But there are subtle differences when you start really looking around and comparing things like customer service, sports betting markets and features like live in-play betting. There is not much point, for example, signing up for a second bookmaker if it is slow to load on your internet connection for example, of if you donít like the navigation process of the site, or if the odds simply donít offer any great value. While you may get the initial boost of a bonus, it is far preferable to find the sites which offer the best odds. Donít be blinded by the short term rewards, instead think of the long term benefits, and it will help you answer the question of how many different bookmaker should I open an account with? If, for example, you had accounts with two of the most highly recommended online bookmakers for the best odds available, then you will have a great balance. You can easily switch between the two and be pretty much assured of getting the best prices available. Sports betting odds may only differ marginally, but of the course of time, a little can mean a lot.

How many different bookmakers should I open an account with? The answer is one of those things which is down to personal preference. The bottom line is that there is no limit to how many online bookmakers you can hold accounts with, but you can only hold one account with each. Will this help you, covering so many bases? Maybe not, as you always have to remember to bet within in your limits. If for example you are shelling out more than you can really afford just to try and snap up welcome offers at different bookmakers, is that really a good option? Different features on different bookie sites really do make a difference. Perhaps you have an online bookmaker with which you are very happy, but they donít run live streaming of sports events. That may be something important to you, so you can go and sign up for another which does provide that option, and use that, if and when you need it. So there can be advantages to signing up with more than one bookmaker, features and getting alternative options on odds are the prime reasons.

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Last Update :    1 July 2020

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