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What are the important stats to look out for in sports betting?

What are the important stats to look out for in sports betting?

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Betting on sports is something which is not usually done blind. This means, that there must some prior knowledge of how the opponents in a sporting event are expected to perform, so that you can determine where to lay your money. Simply picking a name is decreasing your chances of landing a winner really, and when you stand that up against placing a wager which has been carefully planned out an considered, the latter makes the best sense. This is why stats are important for your sports betting. But what are the important stats to look out for in sports betting? Naturally it will depend on the sport itself, as pertinent things will be relevant to that particular sport. But one of the main stats that you will look at in any sports scenario is form. It doesn’t matter if this is an athlete running a marathon, two football teams going head to head, or a cycling team, one of the biggest indicators for your betting selection will be form. How well has the team or individual performed over the last few matches or events? This is really important as sports success relies a lot upon streaks built with momentum. A winning streak will naturally produce a more confident performer.

Another good and important stat to look out for in sports betting, is the margin of victory. If a team is in good form for example, then how well are they winning? Are they winning by big margins or scraping over the finish line? This is relative, because the stronger the victories, the more likelihood is that the streak is going to keep going. If a team is riding their luck, then it could all fall apart much more easily. Another main sports statistic that you will want to spend some time looking at, is any head to head information you can find. This is great for football betting in particular, because some teams to hold big advantages over others. A team may have historically found it hard to win away at a certain opponent, and no matter how good their form is currently, there will be some mental block when it comes to the game. History does weigh heavily on current events, and it is always worth looking at head to head. This is also a good place in which to look for trends. Look for common results between the two sides, perhaps a 2-1 scoreline has happened three times out of the last five meetings. You could use that information for a correct score bet. There is a wealth of information to be found in studying sports statistics.

As mentioned, different sports will require different statistical study. Horse racing, upon which, reading form has always had a major part in betting, has its own particular traits. There you need to study form, first and foremost. Again, just as in any sport, that is a big indicator, but you also have to look at the form of the jockey, and the jockey paired with the horse. You have to look at what conditions the horse prefers and how well it has ran on different track conditions and the results over different lengths. A big part of horse racing is taking time to study stats, simply because it does make life easier in picking out a winner. Sports statistics are readily found on the internet, and even your online bookmaker will have their own bank of statistics to look at. The stats are there for a reason, so use them to your benefit. The most important stats to look out for in sports betting is always form and head to head information. The study of statistical sports information should be at the foundation of your betting strategy, and whether it is darts or events at the Olympics, statistics will have a hand in things.

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Last Update :    1 July 2020

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