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What are proven betting strategies that work?

What are proven betting strategies that work?

Football Betting
This text is based on our personal experiences and represents our opinions.
Most bettors will have a system that they use to base their betting on. People come up with all sort of methods and strategies to get them through their betting, and naturally some work better than other, and you generally only hear about the good ones being promoted. Are there any proven betting strategies that work? This is debatable, because there are strong systems which work, but a lot that you see on the internet are reverse engineered saying that their system has had great success on past results, but that is because they have only been played on strong outright favourites with high percentage of chances of winning anyway. So, while many different punters have different systems, there really is no harm in fine tuning one which works for you. Some horse racing punters like to only bet on second favourites, some football punters deliberately back drawn games because there is a certain degree of frequency with which the result occurs every week. Finding a proven betting strategy is simply going to come from studying form and statistics for your favourite sport and looking for trends.

A good place to start is with your betting funds themselves. As you should never bet with more than you can afford to lose, give yourself a starting betting fund, say even £100. That is it, that is the bankroll which will fund your betting, and that is all that you can afford to lose. A tip then would be to bet no more than 5% of that on every selection that you make (meaning that your maximum bet is £5 per stake). This should give you a good balance and plenty of wiggle room within your budget to work with, and ensure than you donít blow everything all at one. Also part of your proven betting strategy that you are building, should be to find the best odds that you can. There is no need to limit yourself to just one online bookmaker for example, shop around for the best prices as every little helps. It is hard to predict the probability of success in a sporting event because everything eventually all boils down to randomness, however you can put yourself in a strong position to go on strong winning streaks with the right data and system in hand.

Look for home underdogs in football betting. Find a crop of horses and always back them no matter what. There are many proven betting strategies but most are fine tuned to individuals. If you want more help then look for professional tips to give you a helping hand, this in itself is a betting strategy. You may have to pay for some, but you should work that into your budget if that is the road down which you want to go. Professional tips and handicappers really can help, as can online betting sites offering information. The importance of studying statistics cannot be overlooked, because that is the basis of any betting strategy. Study data intently until you find a pattern in past results that you are happy to back with your betting funds. If you cannot find a betting system that is right for you, make your own, however basic it may be. It will give you some good direction.

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Last Update :    1 July 2020

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