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What are multiples bets?

What are multiples bets?

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Why make a load of individual sports bets, when you can combine them for multiples bets? Multiples bets are the big types of bets which you build, which can increase your profit margins immensely. For a small stake you really can win big. That is the beauty of a Multiples bet, but because there is that high degree of profit on offer, naturally the chances of pulling off the big one, is a lot harder that securing individual bets. At the small end of the scale, you have a Double and a Treble. For a double, you make two selections. If the first bet wins, then the winnings will be placed on the second selection. This is how these types of bets grow. If you have placed a treble, then the winnings from the first selection is placed on the second as before, and then the winnings after the second selection is placed on the third. Anything with four selections or more is known as an accumulator. You have probably heard talk of them. Most punters dream of landing a huge accumulator, simply because they are so profitable. For a very small stake, you can win big money, as your winnings keep rolling on to be used as the stake for the next selection.

You may have noticed a downside in this. It will only take one failed selection to bring the whole house of cards tumbling down. Accumulators are usually named by the amount of selections in them. This means you could be running with a Fourfold, or a Sevenfold, or an Elevenfold for example. But, here is the risk. Imagine if you have six out of seven selections come up and everything falls down then on that last result. That is all of your accumulated profit gone. This is the big thrill, the big challenge of this type of multiples bet. The accumulator is something of a Holy Grail for many seasoned punters. The bigger you build your accumulator, the bigger your profits will be at the end of the trail. However, it is notoriously hard to pull off, whatever sport you are betting on. Football and horse racing really are the prime markets for this. Horse racing generally provides the chance of more frequent and better odds than football matches, but with several horses in a race compared to two teams on a football pitch, it is harder to make a call. Multiples on sport betting really are an exciting challenge.

There is another form of Multiples betting too, one that is less heartbreaking than the accumulator. Coverage type bets, gives you more betting options from a number of selections. Letís say that you have selected three teams to win their football matches. You could play them as a treble (as in the betting method above) or take them as a Trixie. What is a Trixie? Well, with your three selections, you are covered by four bets, giving you full coverage. In a Trixie you would have three doubles (Team A + Team B, Team B + Team C, Team A + Team C). You would also have a treble (Team A + Team B + Team C). So, unlike an accumulator, if Team C was the only one to lose, you would still have a little coverage from the Team A + Team B double, so not all is lost. There is another way to play three selections, and that is by taking a Patent. With a Patent, you are making seven bets with your three selections. It is essentially the four bets from a Trixie, plus the three singles bets as well, giving you complete and Full Coverage. Those are Multiples bets in action. The more you grow them, the bigger your profit will be. The only difference when it comes to placing a stake, is that you could have £1 on an accumulator of any size. If you wanted £1 on a Yankee (eleven bets), you will put that value of stake to all eleven bets covered, meaning your stake would be £11.

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