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Which betting site has the best odds?

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This text is based on our personal experiences and represents our opinions.
It is an important question in terms of getting the best value that you can. Fortunately for online punters, because the world of online betting is a competitive one, with many bookmakers jostling for position, it does mean that there is generally good value to be found. However, prices will vary between bookmakers as they make their own assessments of odds on a certain sporting event. So there will be fluctuations and there will be variations between bookmakers. One online bookmaker may be found to have generally better odds on football markets, where another will represent more general value on horse racing for example. Why are we talking about general odds? Because one bookmaker is not going to have the best odds available on every single football match for example. So there are two ways to approach the question of which betting site has the best odds? Averages or multiples.

Top Betting Sites with Best Odds (in our experience)

If you are going to stick with one online bookmaker then you will need to find a good average. Find one that is generally a market leader in your preferred sports. That means that a good percentage of the time you know you will be getting good odds without having to shop around. You may settle on the highly popular online bookmaker Bet365 for example as in our experience they have very good odds for your needs. It may be William Hill, it may be Ladbrokes. Or, you can get yourself a bigger advantage by signing up with one or more online bookmakers. This means that you can quickly compare market odds between your preferred bookies to get the best value of your favourite bookies. There are further considerations as well though. Perhaps one of the online bookmakers have a Money Back Special promotion, or enhanced odds running on a market that you are looking at. Maybe it is a point or two lower than a price being offered at another bookie, but does the insurance of the promotion make it a better deal?

Consider the full deal you are getting as opposed to just looking at the outright odds. So having accounts at multiple online bookmakers can work in your favour, but it will still require some odds comparison work. Another way to look at the question of which betting site has the best odds, is to consider a betting exchange. BetFair are the leaders in this platform of betting, which is more akin to trading. By betting on an exchange, you can dictate your odds to some degree. You can set the odds by laying a bet for example (laying being a bet which is wagering that something won't happen, like Brazil failing to win against Spain) but it won't be active until some matches it by backing the bet. So the appeal with the BetFair betting exchange is that you can set your own price and how much you are prepared to risk. So this is a great way of controlling your betting and getting what you want. That way you can get the best odds which suit you perfectly.

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Last Update :    1 August 2019
Top Online Betting Sites (in our experience)

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4.63 / 5
Based on our personal opinion, Bet365 is one of the best online betting sites for us. We experienced a great Customer Service (Live Chat, Call-Back Service,...), high odds, very good In-Play offer and a great offer. 18+
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