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BetClic are endorsed by former Chelsea and France star Marcel Desailly, which is probably only good if you liked him as a player. He was the epitome of reliability and that is what BetClic are going for. Online bookmaker BetClic have taken the direction of providing online betting services which are simply and friendly to use. That doesnít mean anything is missing, as there are over 10,000 bets on offer at BetClic on a Saturday. The BetClic company is registered in Malta, and they are partnered by Barclays Bank for their operations.

Betting Odds and Bet Management: 9/10 4.5 stars rating

Absolutely nothing wrong with the odds being presented by BetClic. The prices, looking around the site and comparing, are pretty solid and dependable. There are some very good value bets when you start looking around. When you find a price that you want, then just click it to add to your betting slip. Unusually, one thing about BetClic is that you canít test drive the operation of the betting slip without signing up for an account first. This may put off some potential punters as it is always nice to get a picture of what you are about to be singing up for. That having been said, the Bet Slip at BetClic is fully functional and works well. For demonstrations before signing up, you may want to go and look at their interactive guide to the website, just to get a general idea of what it is all about. Actually when you click a price, you get a cool box pop up with a very clear guide as to what is going on. Enter the stake and you will see your potential returns immediately. You can even choose to get results emailed to you if you want, which is a nice touch. You keep the selections to build multiples, or bet immediately. When you do place the bet, you get a very good bet confirmation screen which you can print out for details of your bets if you want, or skip back to the homepage to find other bets. There is an expert mode at BetClic for managing your bets, and when you switch it on after getting comfortable with the basic operation, you can open simultaneous betting on several events. It is a very well managed betting system.

Betting Markets: 8/10 4 stars rating

Football is covered extremely well in the BetClic betting markets, so you are going to have no worries there if that is your main thing. The football markets sit at the top of the Sports book so you canít miss them, and coverage on the football markets is from all across the world. Just scroll down the sports book to see a very wide and varied amount of alternative markets such as Martial Arts, Australian Rules football, cycling and more. What is nice about BetClic, is that when you do go to a betting market, for this example the NHL ice hockey, not only do the main markets come up with the prices, but over on the right, you get rankings tables so you can see who is sitting top of the division and who is floundering. This is great for quick glances and making up your mind of who to back. Imagine seeing the Premier League table alongside the list of bets, showing games played, points accumulated, goal difference and position movements. Pretty neat addition to the betting markets and was a pleasant surprise to see. Itís just there immediately with no extra clicking to be done. Right above that, you can get live scores and stats as they happen if you want, as well. The presentation of the markets is done well, with the main markets expanded, or you can filter by bet type by clicking a link at the top of the betting market. A job very well done. There is a little plus sign button by a market to click if you want to go and explore submarket betting for a particular event.

Live In Play Betting: 8/10 4 stars rating

Hit the live betting link and you will be shown a full list of happenings for the that day and beyond. Anything happening right at the moment has a big green Live button next to it so you canít miss what is going on. Again, the only little frustrating thing is you canít test drive without signing up, but that is what this review is here for, to help you. The live betting service which BetClic delivers is pretty good, and matches up well with the rest of the website which has its nice little touches to make for a pretty decent betting environment. When you want to get a little deeper into the submarket betting for a live event, as opposed to just the fixed odds outcome, then there are plenty of options to whet your appetite for some great betting. Everything you would expect from a good live in play betting service is right there at your fingertips and it looks good. The odds are presented well, and the relevant information for your betting market is there to make quick and easy use of. Overall there is a good job well done by the BetClic live betting service. Plenty of sports, plenty of betting options and it all looks pretty good as well.

Website: 8/10 4 stars rating

The website at the very first glance looks like a bit of dichotomy between two factors. The immediate visual impact is that is it not quite as professional as some of the bookmakers running with professional looking layouts and graphics available. The design of BetClic looks a little basic, but at the same time there is something very appealing about it because you can see everything very clearly which points to it being a great site to browse around. There are some nice touches on the site, and when you do start browsing around, you get the feeling that you have found a little gem in the world of online betting. The presentation of the home page again, is not anything spectacular or overly appealing, but what is there is exactly what you want to see, quick links to your bets, promotions, live betting and an interactive help guide. The home page also has some handy last minute bets for you to jump on without having to go into the sports book, and you can you even customise your BetClic experience by adding events to your list of favourites when you sign in. There is a weekly newsletter available, plus Poker, Casino and Games. All in all while having a very basic feel, the experience is pretty extensive and well worth exploring.

Customer Service: 6/10 3 stars rating

For this, just hit the BetClic Help Centre which can be accessed through the same link as the interactive guide, or by a separate link at the bottom of the page. A good list of frequently asked questions is there for you. BetClic do encourage the approach of emailing them, to which they will do their best to answer within 24 hours, instead of calling. That is nice and people like the electronic communication, but if you have an immediate problem, then it is not so good. Having no way to call, is something which really may raise an eyebrow or to, as it is often easier to deal with someone on the phone in person than wait for an email to get in your inbox. This, unfortunately, is a little bit of frustrating oversight.

Summary: 7/10 3.5 stars rating

A pretty decent service delivered by BetClic, although there seems to be just a little confusion over identity. If the site was beefed up to look a little better, then it would make the more professional services going on behind the scenes, and really enhance the feel of the betting site. Thatís not to say itís a horrendous eyesore as it is, because itís not, it could just use some polishing. The experience of visiting BetClic was one that was met with a little surprise because of how well the operation of the site has been planned out, and the nice little features which makes you hang around just that little bit longer there. Again, there is the feel of a big major online bookmaker hiding underneath the blankets, and with a couple of tweaks here and there should really come to the fore. Well worth signing up with, especially for punters who are new to online betting, because one thing it does, is offer a great balance between simplicity and more expert online betting features. Overall, pretty decent and enjoyable.

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Last Update :    1 April 2019
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