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Online Rugby Betting Sites

This text is based on our personal experiences and represents our opinions.
Football Betting Rugby betting sites are important to have to hand, because they can help you in turning out that extra bit of profit when needed. The huge advantage when looking for rugby betting online, is that the markets are so competitive between online bookmakers that you really kind find good value for money. The major markets when it comes to rugby, is the RBS Six Nations, the Rugby World Cup, the Tri-Nations and the English Premiership. All attract a great wealth of punters, and all have their own values and sub markets which can be explored to extra more profit. Online rugby bookmakers really have the sport covered well, whether you are looking for long term ante post bets, or whether you are looking to get right into the heart of the action by betting live in play. These really are things to consider when doing your rugby betting, and of course you will want to do your live betting a place where the odds are competitive, and that is where finding the best online rugby betting sites come in. Take some time to browse around your different options, and see which bookmakers offer the best range of markets available on the sport, in order to ensure that you can get all the coverage and betting opportunities that you so desire. You can either try looking around online bookmakers yourself, giving them a test drive, or head to a betting advice website, where you can find ratings and reviews on bookmakers, comparing them side to side to see which has the features to suit you.

Top Online Rugby Betting Sites (in our experience)

This really is the beauty of being able to visit an independent betting advice site. They will have put their expertise to use in reviewing the many online rugby betting sites which are out there, to narrow down your choices a little bit. Another great feature of these types of betting advice sites is that they will be able to provide you with betting tips on the big rugby matches, and where to go to get the best value for your site. These are well worth looking into when you are trying to find the best online rugby betting sites, and they have been generated to help the punter beat the bookie. The more reputable the information is on one of these sites, the more and more traffic will keep coming back. It is the sign of a great betting sites. Because these websites exists, then why not take advantage of them? They can be just as valuable a resource as finding your favourite online bookmaker at which do your rugby and sports betting. Statistical data to back up your betting really cannot be stressed enough, as these are vital bits of information which can really heavily sway your betting. The best rugby betting sites will furnish you with good statistical data, so that you can formulate your own, strong strategy when it comes to placing a bet.

So what of Rugby betting itself? One of the more popular betting features on rugby, is the handicap betting. This is a great variant to your regular betting, because drawn matches in rugby are few and far between, so it can almost be discounted. That means, you are essentially choosing from just two selections (either team to win) which won’t always bring great value. The thing is with rugby, is that it is not like football where the odd lucky score can win a match against the odds, it is much harder to upset the apple cart in rugby, and the cream usually rises to the top. Rugby handicap betting allows you to take an exploratory journey into some alternatives because you will have to estimate how much a team will win the match by. Can the team you are backing overcome an -11 point handicap for example? If so, then you could be picking up more profit than you would be, if you placed a straight outright winner odds. Also take a look at sub markets in matches, such as Tryscorer odds and other specials, because these are great for picking up little extra bits and pieces on your betting. Don’t be so rigid with your betting as not to go and explore other options. Check around and see which online rugby betting sites have the features and depth in betting markets to suit your needs. It is little things like this which can really enhance your over all rugby betting experience.