Stop a losing run of bets?

How Can I stop a losing run of bets?

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Football Betting As a regular bettor, you have probably gone through a bad streak when nothing has come up for you. No matter how many favourites you back, all your bets keep going south. It happens to everyone, and it is the nature of the game. You have to take the highs with the lows in the world of online sports betting. But when you are in a slump, you may ask yourself exactly how can I stop a losing run of bets? Well, if you are taking plenty of time to study statistics and form, then sticking to your guns is a good tip, as things will turn around eventually. If you are following a system, then there is not need to abandon it just because you are in a bad patch, because you have to realise that you are probably not doing anything wrong if it is something that has been tried and tested for you before. Results simply could just not be going your way. Simply stick to your structure, but perhaps hold off on making the bets for a while, and wait things out until the trend swings back in your favour. There is no need to panic and try and bet your way out of a bad run of luck.

Another option would be to buck your trend and bank on the opposite of what you are normally doing. It makes sense doesn’t it? If you normal method of betting, say on the favourites isn’t working, take a punt at the second favourites in races to see what happens. If things are going wrong, then it will be well worth cutting back a little bit on the volume of bets or stakes until you find yourself on a hot streak again. Sometimes the overwhelming urge to make up for continuing losses just leads you to make rash and desperate bets in an attempt to right a sinking ship. But there is no rush to do so, simply take a look and study new streaks which are happening, perhaps there is something that you are missing. Sports betting does not provide any certainties and sometimes you simply have to adjust. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for what is happening to wagers, and you just have to grin and bear it. This is the challenge of sports betting, and of course you have to be aware of the risk involved.

One other piece of advice would be to indulge some time in finding yourself a good online betting website. When you can read previews of sporting events written by experts, then you can pick up some good advice from them. There may be valuable little tips in their writing which can help you get back on track. Perhaps you can find a trusted tipster that will help you break out of the losing cycle. There are extremely valuable bits of information to be picked up, and having a helping hand in planning your betting strategy is nothing to be afraid of looking at. Winning streaks and losing streaks happen to everyone, no matter how experienced a bettor you are. Sport is unpredictable and in a way you have to work that unpredictability in your wagers and your betting strategies. Above all, don’t panic. Do not panic bet. Take a breath and a step back to assess what may be going wrong with your system. Start looking for some clear outright short odd favourites just to bring some momentum back to your a-game.