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Most Popular Betting Sites

This text is based on our personal experiences and represents our opinions.
Football Betting Why is that important to know? Well, popularity pretty much is bred from confidence and when looking around for a betting site. What are the kind of things which constitute confidence in an online bookmaker? Well, a lot of it will come down to security and account management. Because at the end of the day you are dealing with your cash, and having a third party hold it in the betting account, you want to know that your account handling is going to be reliable and secure. Check out things like deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as any transaction fees.

The counterpart to this will be the degree of customers service. This is a big feature of finding out which are the most popular betting sites. What if you have a question about your account and want to get a hold of the operating account holder? Well you want immediate access and that will come from 24/7 customer service. So a good customer service with secure account management can be the backbone of keeping customers happy. Look at the world of online betting and you will see some recurring names crop up time and time again.

Most Popular Betting Sites (in our experience)

So which are the most popular betting sites? Major players like Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes and BetFair all have built reputations over the years, and they have become big forces because of their experience in handling their operations and looking after their customers in all aspects of their service. Check out independent reviews of aspects like customers service, how easy the website is to navigate and what features your account with them would have. So looking at customer service is a great starting place to finding a reliable and quality online bookmaker. Word of mouth and reputations go a long way to having confidence in your online betting site.

Of course, while the background service of online bookmakers are important factors, you need them to couple up with great market value and features on the websites. Some online bookmakers have big reputations for providing great features like Money Back Specials, something that Paddy Power have become very strong from. Unibet provide their customers with live sports streams and that is something which makes customers flock to them. Online betting features like live in play betting, sports book extensiveness and welcome promotions are all things which online bookmakers have to deliver on. It is combinations of these things which makes online bookmakers like Bet365, Paddy Power and BetFair so popular.