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Sports Statistics

Are you looking for sports & football statistics?

Sports Statistics
Statistics websites for football and other sports, useful for sports betting, are valuable tools to have bookmarked in your internet browser. It is unlikely that you are going to go onto your online bookmaker, or walk into your high street bookie and just blindly hand over your wager without studying some kind of statistics. Statistical betting studies can be done from looking at it in the most basic of formats, through to a great deal of time studying pages of information. When it comes to your football betting, you may already be unconsciously looking at statistics without really realising it. Even when you are taking a quick look at the standings in the league table, you are actually analysing the potential outcome of a match. If it is a top team playing a bottom one, then the betting action seems pretty obvious, and if the two teams involved are closer together say in the middle of the table, then thoughts of a draw will naturally be prominent in your mind. This is some form of statistical study, and even analysing the points difference between two sides playing in a match, based on the league table is studying sports statistics. Basic information like this can pretty much be garnered from many sources on the internet, such as the BBC Sport website or Sky Sports where you can see league tables in full. While basic, these are actually very useful guides in deciding where to lay your money. Of course, in the world of sports, statistics can start to get a bit overwhelming, but they really are worth spending time studying, as they can influence football betting and any other sports betting greatly. One you get in to statistics, you will wonder how you ever bet without them.

The old image of men sitting around a table in the pub with their Horse Racing Form cards pulled from newspapers, is a good thing to bring to mind. There they are, making marks with their pencils as they mull over the day's meetings. Horse racing is probably one of the prime sports betting markets which is closely associated with statistical study. In a race of seven horses for example, there has to be a favourite. How is that favourite priced by the bookmaker? Because of past form, coupled with the influence the jockey will have, the condition of the ground and how recently it ran. These are all important factors which play a part in the actual outcome of the race itself. Therefore, careful time and study is spent looking at which horse has performed well at a certain track, which has beaten others, its current form over the last the few races and so on. If you weren't armed with this information, then your chances of picking a winner are greatly diminished. This is because information, when it comes to sports betting, is vital. If you are really hoping to pull off an outsider bet in the horse race, then the chances of simply pulling a name out of a hat and landing the winner is unlikely to happy. To increase your chances of landing some profit from your horse racing, football and sports betting, then a certain degree of statistical analysis is crucial. Years ago this would have been pretty tough to do, but fortunately, the internet is packed with valuable sporting statistics. You just need to know where to go and find it all.

It will also be worth reading news items for match previews, like those at ESPN Soccernet, because there will be little titbits of information worth picking up. Information is readily at hand. There has been an ever increasing usage of statistics in football betting since the internet betting explosion began. This is only natural, as people want to increase their chances of beating the bookie. Again, looking at a league table is the most basic and straight forward analysis. Even this can be done in a little more depth though, and is a good first step on the path of football stats. Try for great league tables from across Europe. Call up any league and you will see good home and away information, but not only that, you can start looking at things in just a little bit more detail. This is a great resource and one which should be in your bookmarks. This is because the website lists those all important football betting trends, those streaks which happen in football that you really need to pay attention to. Is a team on a strong home winning streak? What is a teams average points or average goals away from home? Who is on a losing skid? Who hasn't hit the back of the net for the past three matches? These are some of the things which need studying ahead of your football betting, and you can find them at Learning to rely on this kind of statistical sports betting information is one of the best betting tips that you will ever pick up.

The ability to click on a team and study their full list of stats, even down to the timing of goals, is fantastic and it will help you. So, if you want to start delving a little deeper into football statistics, then you will likely need to go to these specialist websites dedicated to bringing you such statistical information. The head to head record between any two teams is a great starting point when looking at football stats in order to start planning your betting is brilliant for this. Not only do they deliver great news about the beautiful game, but their head to head statistics service is, quite simply, fantastic. You can pick any two teams from an incredibly in-depth list (not just professional or UK teams) and compare stats for home and away fixtures, overall percentages, goal averages and of course, a list of head to head results going back to the very beginning of football history. This is an incredibly valuable tool to bookmark right now. Again this is information which points to betting streaks, which you should always pay attention to, and generally follow, because they are happening for a reason. Spotting trends in football statistics is like digging up a pot of gold in your backyard, you can really cash in with it for free. At it takes is a little time and dedication. There are also a few other good sources for comparing head to head teams, as well as looking at the history of how a team performs in handicap betting. The importance of sports trends cannot be impressed enough on the punter. These are the market's hot and prime bets to take advantage of. You have to look for streaks in order to capitalise on your betting, and that really can only be done by absorbing statistical data.

Statistical information for sports betting doesn't end just there of course. Statistics websites for football and other sports, useful for sports betting, really come into their own, as you can look at any sport and you will want to dig a little deeper and find some stats for it. Fortunately that can be done easily. Cricket for example, is famous for its statistics and numbers, and the database at is simply staggering. Just like in football statistics, you can call up head to head records, as well as look at team and individual batting and bowling averages. For lovers of cricket, it is a site which cannot come highly recommended enough. For horse racing statistics, The Racing Post is one of the leaders and should be explored, while for Rugby Union, there is a tremendously powerful site called for comparing statistical data between international nations. These are just some prime examples of the kind of statistical data to be had, all of which is freely available on the internet. Statistics websites for football and other sports, useful for sports betting have an enormous role to play in your betting decisions. They are they to help, so use them and explore how much of a helping had can be taken from these great sites. There is another intriguing avenue to explore as well when you are looking for football and horse racing stats online.

Online bookmakers. Yes, bookmakers of course have their own statistical data to hand as they want you to come back time and time again and bet with them. This has become important tools for them to have on their websites, so that punters can spend more time on their sites. Many of the leading bookmakers such as bet365 and Ladbrokes will actually have separate, dedicated sections for horse racing and these can prove to be very fruitful. You can, more often than not, call up a race card and then click on the horse or jockey to go and see more information about form in depth. These are pretty good services for a quick glance over stats, but generally they are not as extensive as specialist sites. This is how the internet makes betting great, because you can pull together all of the information that you require to know, from different sources if need be. It's not like picking up a newspaper and you are limited to what is there in black and white from that one source. Don't overlook the power of Wikipedia either if you are looking for history on a sporting team or a sporting event itself. It can be a great source of information which can help you, and there are always links on which to click to go and explore a little bit further.

In summary, statistics websites for football and other sports, useful for sports betting are things that you want on your side. If you are looking for tennis stats for example, then check out official association websites like the ATP and WTA, and in there you can find great head to head, as well as individual performances of the players from over the course of the current season, and their career. The same can be said of and when it comes to looking for football statistics about their competitions. This is information straight from the horses mouth, and they are worth looking at for match history, goal scoring records and the like. Statistics play a huge part in sports, and if you like a flutter on the horses, or like laying your money down on the outcome of football matches, then you need these statistics. Reading statistics can actually open up a new world of betting opportunities for you. If you are browsing through football stats for example, and see that a team average 1.8 goals at home, then that is good information to take to an Over/Under bet. If a player has hit 5 of his 7 goals at home, then he'll be worth backing as an Anytime Goalscorer. This is the real value of studying statistics. There are so many submarkets in football betting, that the statistics to go along with them, really can take you to a new level. With the right websites to hand, and knowing where to look and how to read the information that is present, your online betting really can be enhanced. If time is of the essence, then look for betting previews which really break down all the pertinent statistical information for you, these can be very user friendly and time saving.

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