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Stan James Review

Stan James: innovation & great value

Stan James

Stan James are one of the most popular names in UK betting, thanks to the presence they have had on the High Street. Over the last decade, they have really charged to the forefront of sports betting and they are one of the most instantly recognizable names in the betting industry. With Stan James comes a lot of know how and experience to provide one of the leading online betting services, something which is evident in their In-Play Betting, something which the name of Stan James goes hand in hand with. Used to handling millions of transactions every year, Stan James are synonymous with innovation and great value.

Betting Odds: 8/10 4 stars rating

Good odds can be found at Stan James, and that comes from the experience which they have in online betting, knowing how to keep prices competitive. Their main markets are Horse Racing and Football, and you can clearly see that they take precedence when you start looking around at odds. The management of the odds is pretty well done to. When you chose a selection, your bet slip appears from nowhere, or so it seems, and you simply enter your stake in the clear form. The betting slip actually sits on the right hand side of the screen, in a hidden kind of way, collapsing to a red tab when you are not using it, so it is not in the way. You can click it anytime to open it, but the nice touch, is that when you scroll down the page to explore betting odds, it actually follows you around like a loyal puppy, so you donít have to go scrolling back up to the top of a page just to get back to it. However, there is not an option on the betting slip to enter different stakes for your individual bets if you want them as singles, so youíll have to do them separately. Normally people build single choices into multiples, and thatís easily managed from the drop down menu. Good prices a decent betting slip, which could honestly use a wee bit more bet management applied to it. That doesnít mean thereís anything unworkable with it, it works well and quickly, just a couple of extra features would have made something good, better.

Betting Markets: 9/10 4.5 stars rating

No questions that Stan James know how to roll out deep betting markets. From the prime markets of football and horse racing, all the way to hurling and volleyball, chances are you will find what you are looking for at Stan James. Click on a main sport in the sports book, controlled by the left hand menu, and you will see that the markets load pretty quickly in the centre of the screen. Above the prices though, there are drop down menus which will help you filter the bets more efficiently, sorting the markets by competition and by markets. It is a nice little touch if you want to get to a specific market quicker than having to wade through a lot of markets, and if there is any special offer on a particular market, it will be shown above the event prices so you wonít miss out. When it comes to selecting from your markets, you simply check boxes that you want and they will be sent to your betting slip, which fortunately, does not appear every time you click a bet, or else that would have been very annoying. Really good selection of markets, and when you look at football betting for example, next to the markets, you will see the number of extra submarket bets which are available to go and explore. Everything is neat and well managed.

Live In Play Betting: 7/10 3.5 stars rating

Unusually, live in play betting is not promoted as heavily on the main sports book page at Stan James as it is at other online bookmakers. There is a list of upcoming events there to click though, and the main centre area of the sports book covers a Whatís On in the world of sports for the day. There is a nice in play diary if you like planning ahead, but the quickest way to get to a market is to go from the sports book menu and select Football - Live for example. This will bring up a list of current action showing the main outright odds, and you can then click to see more submarket bets. While there is plenty of information showing you where to go to watch events, when it comes to live in-play betting compared to other versions you will see on other online bookmaker sites, the Stan James version is very simplified. There is just not a big enough feel about the live in-play betting compared to others. What it does, it does well, but what there is, is straight forward and basic.

Website: 8/10 4 stars rating

After having a revamp of their website, Stan James looks pretty cool with its familiar green and white theme. It is clear when browsing around, that Stan James feels more of a traditionalist, in that there isnít so much to look at compared to other bookmakers online, but all the same features are there and just as good. Everything has an easily accessible feel, and newcomers to the world of online betting may find that very useful, because everything is very clear and simple to navigate and nothing overwhelming. The site just gets down to business, as if you were walking into a high street Stan James shop, and you get to your betting markets quickly and get your money down, and then walk out again. There are other features if you want to hang around like Poker, Slots and Skill games, but they seem to be just there in the background, like a one armed bandit standing in the corner of the shop. Nothing is promoted too heavily on Stan James, there isnít that feel of needing to do so either, and thatís why it works. Itís a no nonsense betting website and that is what Stan James is very good at. Plenty of great stats as expected, and a wonderful horse racing section, which is what you really would expect from Stan James. They really deliver in that market. There is also something like a behind the scenes area of Stan James where you can go and read sports and betting news, which is pretty good and well worth a visit.

Customer Service: 8/10 4 stars rating

The Stan James Customer Service departments are open 24/7, and so if there was ever a problem with their online betting service, you can rest assured that at any time of the day you can call and make your bets. So, anytime you have a problem, you can call Stan James, or fire them off an email.

Promotions and Free Bets: 8/10 4 stars rating

Again, like most things on the Stan James site, there is an understated feel about their promotions. If you hit the Promotions link in the sports book, you will see some cool offers, like getting Best Odds Guaranteed on UK mainland horse racing, there is a Happy Hour, Cricket Promotions and event specific promotions crop up now and again like Champions League Giveaway and Ryder Cup Giveaway. This season Stan James are offering stake refunds on certain lost bets if a football match finishes at 0-0. Terms and conditions apply, please see full details directly at Stan James.

Summary: 8/10 4 stars rating

Unpretentious and a very no-nonsense, businesslike website and service. This is Stan James, one of the biggest names in UK betting and they appear to know just what punters want. Good prices and no fuss in getting money down on your bets. While everything is unassuming about Stan James, when things are put together there is a very good working package for your online betting. This highlights a very important part of online betting, finding the website which has the right feel for you. If you like things concise and straight forward without all the glitz and glam of pretty graphics, then Stan James is probably the right place for you.

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Last Update :    1 April 2019
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